white privilege

Racist theology is deeply embedded in the DNA of white Christian churches, influencing even their theology on salvation, PRRI founder Robert Jones argues in a new book.
"My call to action challenges white professionals to lean into discomfort and bring about change."
The food expert believes we’re in for a reckoning: “I think we’ll all realize that we are able to control quite a bit of the industry.”
I’ve learned that most white people are not interested in having honest conversations about race.
Experts share advice for parents navigating issues of racism and white privilege.
Pastor Louie Giglio also suggested "white privilege" may be better understood as a "white blessing."
White parents, please, please stop saying your family is “colorblind.”
His unwillingness to acknowledge how the issue of race could affect our future was damning.
Sasha Exeter, a lifestyle influencer, spoke out about Mulroney's threatening actions in an Instagram video Wednesday.