white women

Upholding white supremacy does, in fact, serve white women’s interest.
A political science professor gives historical context to the ways that white women voters are (and more importantly, aren't) tied to each other.
Meanwhile, a black student carrying a glue gun led to a school lockdown.
A note: I am a white woman, early 30s, born, raised, and living on the north side of Chicago. My circles, my information
Those angry white women who came out in droves for Trump were there all along, but most of us didn’t see them. Their stories
Where (oh where) are the cutesy names for the key demographic group in this election cycle?
Now that the primaries are getting a lot closer, some are doing mental pretzel-bends to rationalize their gut feeling about Trump's inevitable loss (since their gut feeling can't possibly be wrong, of course.)
ltimately, we're left to wonder what might drive such uneven racial performance in a well-regarded clinic and whether such a disparity in outcomes is commonplace. Said differently, is this the only clinic experiencing a problem or is this the only clinic acknowledging its problem?
Much of what made up the air I breathed as a little white girl growing up in lower Alabama was revisionist history. The "South" that I love and have been desperately homesick for doesn't really exist.
The story around NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal set the Internet ablaze Thursday night when it was revealed that Dolezal, who
For the project, Thomas collected advertisements printed between 1968 and 2008 -- coincidentally, Thomas noted, the years
Lifetime's new show Girlfriend Intervention is not subtle about its message. Its premise is four black women giving a makeover
A panel joins Nancy to consider the strides the natural hair movement has made in the military.
To Macklovitch, the music was a Pandora's Box. He and Gemayel discovered previously unheard songs that the group eventually
I can relate to the experience of white women speeding up, altering their paths, clutching their belongings or casting wary glances in my presence.
In an interview a few years ago, you told me people sometimes think you guys are being ironic, and that you're not 100 percent