white women

A report shows that Black women’s support for the Biden-Harris ticket and Democrats in down-ballot races was greater than among any other group of women voters.
White women in Pennsylvania, a battleground state, are abandoning President Donald Trump for his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.
Trump is falling behind in this swing state and these voters could be part of the reason.
Upholding white supremacy does, in fact, serve white women’s interest.
A political science professor gives historical context to the ways that white women voters are (and more importantly, aren't) tied to each other.
Meanwhile, a black student carrying a glue gun led to a school lockdown.
How dare we, as white people who are enraged and scared and heartbroken and who know how wrong this all is, simply turn away
Those angry white women who came out in droves for Trump were there all along, but most of us didn’t see them. Their stories