There is no psychological profile of today's terrorist. They are not crazy, they are often well-educated and many are relatively well off. They are motivated, like many young people, by a sense of belonging, a desire for an exciting and meaningful life, and devotion to a higher cause.
My mother was a gentle soul. In her best disciplinary voice, a whisper at most, used one time during my teenage years, she said, "Bill, I wish you would not smoke -- it's bad for you."  
When did climate change become a women's issue? When women made it clear they care deeply about it. Women in battleground states understand (by a margin of 72 percent to 19 percent) that we have a moral obligation to future generations to make the air safer to breathe and the climate more stable.
On at least two occasions then, the Court has chosen to remove limits on political spending on the implicit premise that this spending would be disclosed. Sadly, Citizen's United did not lead to more disclosure but instead to a wave of dark money.
Recent back-to-back speeches given by Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) illustrate the sharp contrast in that chamber between environmental activists and their opposition.
Between now and November, Obama will be traveling the country pitching the "Buffett Rule" and generally a message of economic
On Friday, President Obama urged citizens to tweet their congressmen and women using the hashtag "#compromise." In the 48 hours after the president's call to action, the hashtag was used more than 22 thousand times, and reached an estimated 36 million users.
John Huntsman... whoops, took that from their own campaign materials, sorry... let's start over... Jon Huntsman announced he was running for president, to a giant collective yawn outside the Beltway.
And when the President asked Witherspoon what she was doing in Washington, it got even more insane. WATCH: Touring the White
This used to be known as "selling your vote" or "trading on your influence," but we have to admit that this is the normal
Reuters) - There is a good chance that a sweeping U.S. financial reform bill will be passed in a "reasonable form," White
"If there are members of the [GOP] caucus who want to be in the position of voting for 30-plus percent interest rates for
There are two consumer protection amendments getting serious attention on the Senate floor this week, one of them positive, one of them incredibly destructive -- the kind of amendment that can actually sink the bill if adopted.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), a well-respected member of the chamber, took to the floor on Thursday to announce for the
Meet the White House honeybee. Numbering more than 65,000 at one point, the bees produced a bumper crop of honey this year
Looks like someone was jealous of all the attention that Bo Obama was getting on his birthday! In this adorable photo, Bo's
As job losses mount, Democrats are growing impatient about the impact of the massive stimulus package passed earlier this
Bloggers with names are the best way to interrupt the direct circuit from politics to official public expression. That would put people in the middle...which is exactly where we want them.