We urge you to reinstate the Spanish links on WhiteHouse.gov, so as to confirm that your avowed goal to “make America great” includes the entire nation.
But it's too early to freak out about certain pages disappearing forever.
It is crucial to understand what our millennial generation is all about and what motivates this next generation to stay engaged, empowered and highly motivated especially in the work place.
The official response simply called it the “Petition on Israeli-Palestinian Relations.”
A current petition to Whitehouse.gov asks for infertility treatments to be covered by the Affordable Care Act. The fact that it isn't already covered is concerning for a number of reasons.
Various commentators have begun using the term "the Chicago Way" or "the Illinois Way" to describe the Obama Administrations behavior. With the failed rollout of ObamaCare, we see the costs of rewarding political insiders and their substandard IT companies with plumb projects.
It seems many do not know THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT IS LAW and its major provisions will be implemented SOON!