"Many of these people are educated, and hold jobs or positions that give them some form of power or influence over Black people."
HuffPost investigates the perpetual, bland suburban aesthetic of Lifetime, Hallmark and Netflix holiday movies.
Here's an age-by-age guide for white parents to addressing racism and privilege with their children.
Amy Cooper lost her dog and possibly her job. Christian Cooper, the Black man she called the cops on, could have lost his life.
"Feeling like you’re the 'other' and trapped between two worlds is something countless Iranian Americans and Middle Easterners have experienced."
In 'Ozark,' as in 'Breaking Bad' and 'Weeds,' the drama, comedy and surprise depend on the families being white.
He shopped at Anthropologie and went to a boozy brunch. 😂
If we don’t see race, we can’t see racism.
"Racism is a profound neurosis that nobody examines for what it is."