Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) made the remark an event celebrating the Asian-American and Pacific Islander members of Congress.
“This happens to be the third Hispanic I’ve played,” the actress told Entertainment Weekly.
Lifetime cast the Welsh actress to portray a real-life Colombian drug lord.
Disney admits it darkened the skin tone of extras for the live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’ currently being filmed in London.
British actor Ed Skrein has stepped down from his role as the Japanese-American character Ben Daimio in the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot in hopes of giving "voice to inclusivity" in the arts.
"Representation of ethnic diversity is important."
An Oregon theater producer claims that Edward Albee's estate refused to grant him the rights to present "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" with a black actor.
Entertainment industry discrimination gets the silent treatment from Michele Selene Ang.