If we will humble ourselves and admit this - even if only those of us who claim to be followers of Jesus will do this -- we can begin to change the situation. Change doesn't start in a voting booth. It starts in homes and schools and factories. It starts with us.
From listening to millennials I know I would want to ask if the candidate they intend to vote for has promised to work towards
The former first lady's White House days taught her lessons that led to Servergate, and lessons that helped her put it to rest.
Ronald helped me to get my backpack in the car and we drove through the city to pick up another future would-be Nile rafter
The GOP spends millions investigating a Clinton for one scandal, and ends up uncovering another. Sound familiar?
There's no other recreational sport quite as exciting, yet humbling, as whitewater rafting. It's one of those activities that takes the non-adventurous person out of their comfort zone from the moment they step into the raft until the moment they pull the boat safely back to the shore.
When Hillary compares the Republicans to "terrorists" and suggests they will round up undocumented immigrants and put them in "box cars," evoking memories of the Holocaust, she changes the focus from the absurdity of their positions to scrutiny of hersel
Are they cynics or are they realists? Looking at the latest controversies, in grubbing so relentlessly for big money, in
I could see for miles and miles, and for a moment, I closed my eyes and took in all at once -- this great beauty around me.
Across the river they were calling for a doctor. Steven had hit the center run perfectly but was thrown forward & broke two
Richard "Dickie" Mellon-Scaife the reclusive billionaire publisher and heir of the 19th century Mellon Bank robber barons died at 82 on Friday, the final punctation of a dark biography of political manipulation and democracy demolition equal or greater to his more public friends the Koch brothers.
As the sun heads higher into the sky each passing day and daylight stretches into the evening hours, it's time to heed David Byrne's (Talking Heads) seminal call to action - "Take me to the river... drop me in the water."
Texas Senator Ted Cruz, speaking at an impromptu press arranged months in advance by Americans for Prosperity, demanded that
As for Priebus, he should stop whining like a 12-year-old about what the so-called liberal media does or doesn't do for Hillary Clinton. Let him call Rupert Murdoch and ask Fox Television to make all the movies they want about the Republican candidates.
Whitewater rafting can spice up any trip, whether you're looking for a pleasant family float or a white-knuckle reunion of college friends. Here's what you need to know as you plan your next raft trip.
Unfortunately, for one of Washington's biggest spectator sports, not only are the rules not clear, the game itself is always out of focus. So in the public interest, herewith is a primer to "Scandal." Not the TV show, but the Congressional show.
This nearly four-hour documentary by Barak Goodman, a long-time "American Experience" producer and director, is a smear job, though more the death-by-a-thousand-cuts approach than a straight-ahead takedown.
The intent is the same: build a false portrait of a Democratic President on a canvas of lies.