whitney museum

In this video Einarsson presents an installation from 2016 consisting of found objects: blue lights from Tokyo's Yamanote
I've returned a number of times to revisit the exhibit as, from an artist's perspective, it is fascinating to see works that are not finished offer insight into the artistic working process -- what the artist may have been thinking at that point in the painting.
Even though summer is a great time to take advantage of the outdoors, sometimes the heat is a little too much to bear. Here are 4 perfect places to escape the heat this weekend, air conditioning and art included.
I feel as if I have a responsibility as an artist to bring awareness to harm caused by guns.
Ok so this might take you more than a minute to read but it'll be worth it I promise. Read it on the bus or on the subway, it's filled with all the juicy details of a week that can only happen in New York City.
In our own ways, we both have a global footprint. Hers perhaps hands on and mine in a more subtle way.
Andy Warhol, Do It Yourself (Violin), 1962, synthetic polymer paint and Prestype on canvas, 54 × 72 in. Private collection
After watching this Astro Noise exhibition I could not help feeling a bit schizoid. At the museum restaurant or cafeteria
The show has a similar effect that watching Citizenfour for the first time has: the guttural sensation of witnessing something
The complexity of the state of museums has also been described as the hybridization of the public and private museum.