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I've personally discovered the truth behind the world's headlines from documentaries.
By reconstructing the migrant's journey, Silver said he hoped to give viewers a better understanding of the larger economic
"Latin America's a place where politics are very much at the surface," García Bernal said. "Unlike other places where politics
While Silva also presented his thriller “Magic Magic” at the festival earlier this month, it was the film about a drug-loving
In the first 24 hours of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, I saw six movies ranging from the continuing McConaissance of Matthew McConaughey to a documentary about a lovable politician named Dick Cheney.
Alicia talks to HuffPost Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor Mike Hogan plus some special guests about the latest from the Sundance Film Festival.
This year, the prestigious U.S. Documentary Competition offers left-leaning viewers a broad array of reasons to be outraged