who won the debate

After watching any debate, there's a brief minute where you conclude about who 'won' the debate or who performed the best. Then a few seconds later, political pundits tell you who they think won. Their opinions then turn into 'what most people thought' when you're talking about the debate with others.
The presidential contenders clashed on foreign policy with election day just two weeks away. Check out scenes from the debate
Check out scenes from the debate. Will Tuesday night's debate affect the polls or state of the race? Of course, it remains
Who won the debate? Who do you think delivered the stronger performance in the political showdown? Vote below, and scroll
Altitude sickness is a proven illness. Former presidential hopeful and environmentalist Al Gore is coming to President Barack
President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney captured the spotlight as they sparred at the University of Denver in Colorado on
Immediately after the debate, Wolf Blitzer goes there: "It's apparent to say that Sen. McCain has some disdain, I think it's
How solid was the consensus that Obama scored better tonight? Even Bill Bennett, ever the Republican optimist, conceded that
Tonight's debate wasn't even close. Sen. Barack Obama ran away with it -- particularly when speaking about the economy and
However, for now, consider this reality check from a debate held 20 years ago this week. Most of us remember the famous line
It was not a tipping point for the embattled Republican presidential ticket, the bad night that many Republicans had feared
Sarah Palin has experience being a runner-up -- which will come in handy in November. Tonight she barely kept up. By any rational assessment, Palin wasn't up to the job.
Eighteen percent of previously uncommitted percent say they are now committed to the Obama-Biden ticket. Ten percent say
Republican White House hopeful John McCain, fresh from his first debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama in Mississippi
In a debate that both candidates could ill-afford to lose Friday night, neither did. John McCain proved he was resolute and
The winner of the debate isn't the person who makes the best arguments. The winner of the debate is the person who moves votes to their side.
When McCain said "I'm not President Bush," it was like he was realizing that he had miscalculated, that siding with Bush for eight years might have gotten him in the race, but it also left him unable to win it.