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Today most people of African descent would agree that slavery was no blessing to their ancestors, yet many of them still perpetrate one of the cornerstones of slavery; that is the stripping of our cultural identity as African people.
A who's who of Hollywood, music and politics gathered last night at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles to celebrate the life of Michael King, the much-beloved syndication king behind wildly successful shows passed away suddenly March 27 at age 67 from complications of pneumonia.
Ozzy Osbourne, Slaughterhouse Employee The rocker known for biting off the head of a bat once worked in a slaughterhouse
Whoopie Goldberg Calls Out Ann Coulter
I was so busy getting treated like a horny Jesus that I forgot that there could possibly be a Judas in the room.
Coulter's assertion that single motherhood, not race, is the real indicator when it comes to socio-political issues, like crime, may be one of the least racist things she has ever said.
Coulter's pure, unalloyed hypocrisy was on full display on The View when a couple of smart women asked her to explain some of her bogus assumptions on single motherhood.