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When people focus on someone who is transitioning, it's surprisingly rare that they think about the companion the person could potentially leave behind.
The "Who's The Boss" star publicly announced this week that he's been HIV-positive for the past 12 years.
Judith Light feels right at home in New York. After spending so many years in California, she says she missed the life-blood and energy of the city. With a full schedule, she gets up with the rising sun and doesn't stop.
The "Transparent" star said she was so "so proud" of Pintauro, who recently revealed that he is HIV-positive.
The former child star kept his diagnosis a secret for 12 years.
All the '80s you could ask for. What could be more '80s than a mashup of "The Wolf of Wall Street," a film about the financial
Pintauro, 38, described the April 3 nuptials, which were held on the beach in Dana Point, Calif., as a "dream come true" in
When Tony Danza joined HuffPost Live to discuss the charity competition DoMoreThanYouThink.com, he also discussed his iconic
Now this is precious: Alyssa Milano retweeted an amazing #ThrowbackThursday photo which has her at 17 signing an autograph
It's not every day you see Magneto brushing elbows with Tony Micelli, but that's exactly what happened at a benefit event
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CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the file photo as being from 1998. It is from 1988
Turn on your television now and you're bound to see a character going through a divorce or dealing with the never-ending
Mona could very well be on their way of becoming that breakthrough rock act we've been wishing, hoping, and praying for.
2. You daydream about working with their competitor(s).

 As Peggy Noonan had to tell us in the WSJ with alacrity: The problem
How was it possible that diseases that make life miserable for one out of every six people on earth had gone virtually unnoticed?