The singer belted her heart out for the "Wicked" 15th-anniversary special.
The "Wicked" star is an unpredictable chanteuse on her new album and tour.
We must call white supremacy by its right name and destroy it.
Peter Hollens and Whitney Avalon make the baddies look good.
From Glinda the Good Witch in "Wicked" to the the equally devilish Velma Von Tussle in the upcoming musical "Hairspray Live" (Fall 2017) Kristen Chenoweth takes on roles that the LGBT community can seemingly always relate to.
Last month marked Super Sunday on Broadway with the 70th Annual Tony Awards. As Tony Award host James Corden said, "this is like the Super Bowl for people who don't know what the Super Bowl is."
I have a feeling Hamilton, as much as it depends on the chemistry among its leads, will be more like Wicked (and many other
As soon as Shoshana Bean was announced for Funny Girl at North Shore Musical Theatre, I knew I had to go. Months ago I wrote