The lawsuits comes about two months after Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, filed wrongful death lawsuits against the companies that owned and operated the aircraft that killed her husband and her daughter.
Barbara and George H.W. Bush died just eight months apart. It's brought to mind the "widowhood effect" — how the loss of a spouse can increase the risk of death.
Friends may be well-meaning, but still wrong.
Her late husband’s family actually brought it up.
I was mourning my husband's death and the loss of America as I knew it.
I'll grieve however I damn well please.
A widow who lost her spouse 3.5 years ago recently created a profile on an online dating site. She began chatting with a
We are allowed to step off the holiday ride. The gift of the holidays is compassion. No special wrapping required. There
Leona says that her online fetish menu was specifically designed to expand the sex lives of people in stale relationships