Except maybe Jelani Cobb's perfect reference to a Jill Scott video.
The widow of the "Crocodile Hunter" star opened up about his death in a revealing new interview.
This is why the Social Security Administration is a nightmare to deal with.
I know you wavered in your decision to seek out a widowed support group. In your heart, you felt you’d lost the man you married
I’ve become selfish since I lost my hubby. Well, maybe un-empathetic is a better word. You’re having a bad day at work? At
Only we have a say in what we do and when we do it. No one else gets a vote.
Think before making quick judgments about others.
It's National Widows Day, so here's what I really want.
Do we really need to convince you that we won't go after your husband?
When Peter died, I had to face the practical aspects of living alone. I had to change light bulbs, hang pictures and open jars by myself. So I devised a list of key items for widows to keep on hand to make their lives easier.
In the winter of 1994, rather suddenly, I found myself widowed. With a ten year-old son and a thirteen year-old daughter
Linelly Olmeda Santos, Building Community Through Movement and Dance for Children in Foster Care, Holland, Michigan, USA
Whether you are a single-mom by circumstance or choice, you decided that nothing was more important than bringing your child into the world. And come what may, you committed to mothering your child even if alone.
Knowing that part of Evelyn is still alive and walking around in four women brings me a great deal of comfort, as does the thought that I might meet them one day.
What if your most pressing need was simply to bring your female body back to life? I need to be kissed, embraced, held the way a man holds a woman... I need to remember what it feels like.
Is 60 really the new 40? In many ways yes, but if given a choice, for me, I'm thinking of embracing the sixties with open arms and I'm excited to make it the best decade of my life.