Wii Fit

Exercise can be boring and repetitive. But it doesn’t have to be.
Video game developers are constantly searching for ways to reinvent the technology and expand its functions to broaden the scope.
No longer recognizing the girl in the mirror, desperate to regain the figure I'd complained about for years, I was certain the Wii Fit would be my salvation.
This past weekend, I went skiing for the first time, and I'm delighted to say I didn't embarrass myself that much. The reason is quite simple: it's where I skied.
I've waded through the vast landscape of the virtual workout universe, cringing past cheesy DVD cover art and catch phrases, and highlighted the best virtual workouts for all different types of exercisers.
Just how much better is the Wii Fit than sitting on your couch? Well, it turns out that the amount of exercise you get from the Wii Fit is only a wee bit better than doing nothing.