The real problem with the laws of war, however, is not what they fail to restrain but what they authorize. The primary function of International Humanitarian Law is to legalize remarkable levels of "good" military violence that regularly kill and injure non-combatants.
What's said about sausage and journalism must also be true of foreign policy: that if you knew how it was produced, you wouldn't want to consume it.
At one point, the embassy conveyed the Dutch defense minister's concern that a jet engine built by two Dutch companies had
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Longing for the early years of the Bush administration, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been consumed
When it comes to WikiLeaks, much of media has planted its flag on the wrong side of the secrecy battle. The government's legitimate need for secrecy is very different from the government's desire to get away with hiding the truth.
In an ideal world, the WikiLeaks revelations would have ended two wars. But rather than retreating, the Pentagon became emboldened that a significant portion of its dirty laundry was aired publicly.
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Crunch time in Cancun as the UN climate summit races to a close; Major moves in the US over coal
The Guardian article should not have used the present tense to describe US policy based on the leaked cables while ignoring its own reporting, subsequent to the dates of the leaked cables, that the US said its policy had changed.
* This whole situation is the fault of the State Department, or even President Obama himself, for failing to aid in the publication
He insisted that a journalist looking into the incident should be told that the story would endanger lives, and that the