The information WikiLeaks has disclosed frustrates the controlled political discourse that is trumpeted by establishment media and Western governments to shape public perception. We will continue our fight against the financial blockade, and we will continue to publish.
Instead of trying to clamp down on massive amounts of information by keeping it secret, we need to focus resources on keeping only legitimate secrets. As a country founded on openness and innovation, we should learn from Wiki Leaks.
Hillary Clinton, Julian Assange said, "should resign." Speaking over Skype from an undisclosed location on Tuesday, the WikiLeaks
Websites run by the Tunisian government have been successfully targeted by Operation: Tunisia, a cell within Anonymous' Operation Payback, in a distributed denial of service action.
This is the high-stakes, international trading bazaar for large commercial jets, where tens of billions of dollars are on
WikiLeaks released more confidential documents from the U.S. State Department on Friday, and continues to show no signs of
WikiLeaks continues to release a steady stream of confidential documents from the U.S. State Department, despite the arrest
It would be a mistake to assume the interpretations of events by State Department personnel are accurate reflections of reality. They see the world from inside the prism of a hegemonic power.
Julian Assange says that "capable, generous men do not create victims, they nurture victims." His words ring true, but he himself has little control over which victims he nurtures, and which he creates.
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