P.J. Crowley, the former State Department spokesman who helped respond to the WikiLeaks dump that became known as "Cablegate
Collecting and making the cables available was a massive operation spanning the globe; at one point, the department enlisted
"I can tell you that he is very excited about having his case go forward in the process now," Coombs said in response to
Bradley Manning's long denial of a right to speak in public reminded me of "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas." It's a fictional tale about villagers who enjoy total happiness and bliss as long as they keep quiet about a boy who's locked up in a dark, underground cellar.
The information WikiLeaks has disclosed frustrates the controlled political discourse that is trumpeted by establishment media and Western governments to shape public perception. We will continue our fight against the financial blockade, and we will continue to publish.
In her "mobile extension" of the OWS Protests, Occupy Wall Street's Janet Wilson is proving that authorities might evict Occupy from streets and parks, but cannot keep it off the road.
With the intensification of the U.S. military and economic push in Colombia, we sadly can anticipate more such violence against peaceful actors in Colombia in order to make Colombian land secure for massive appropriation and exploitation.
As our government accumulates ever more of what it thinks the American people have no right to know about, there will only be increasing persecutions as prosecutions.
"The Times ran in the face of fire," Assange said. "It abandoned us once the heat started from the U.S. administration. In
But this week's discovery of the 100,000 unredacted cables -- in which the names of government sources and other sensitive
Among those people is ex-Senator Heráclito Fortes (DEM-PI), as Folha showed today. The Australian activist participated in
The cables contained the names of confidential sources and agents, whose revealed identities could put their lives in jeopardy
Since the first few Julian Assange-saturated months of 2011, the U.S. media have largely moved on to Arab revolutions and
The event marked the first public rally in support of Manning since he was transferred to Fort Leavenworth in April after
What's said about sausage and journalism must also be true of foreign policy: that if you knew how it was produced, you wouldn't want to consume it.
Some of the officers believed the CIA was in charge of the U.S. media, the report said. Pakistan's nuclear program came under
Mexico will elect a new president in 2012. Facing mounting pressure to change course, Calderon's successor may choose scale back the anti-drug offensive return the country to its pre-2006 days. But that would be a mistake.
Immediately after this joint venture was set up, the State Department cable says, the embargo-era Libyan distributor of bottled
In its PR efforts, Brazil seeks to project an image of political and economic stability. Head out into the rural hinterland, however, and it becomes clear that the country has a long way to go.
There are alleged scans of the article here, but it is not currently available online. The article that Assange called to