WikiLeaks used the Bahnhof server for a number of months in 2010 and 2011. During that time, "Wikileaks used that hardware
In 2010, then-Army Pfc. Bradley Manning leaked thousands of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks. In that trove
The real problem with the laws of war, however, is not what they fail to restrain but what they authorize. The primary function of International Humanitarian Law is to legalize remarkable levels of "good" military violence that regularly kill and injure non-combatants.
"Incident in New Baghdad?" is based on an event captured in a dramatic 17-minute black-and-white raw feed from a U.S. Army
"There are some people who don't like change," says the commercial. "For everyone else, there's WikiLeaks." What Does it
The issue here is not Assange, his hair or whether he does, or does not have, the ability to have sex with women while they are asleep.
Last weekend, rather than read stories about the US diplomatic cables that Wikileaks has released, I decided to read them
This weekend's "Saturday Night Live" continued to nail its politically-minded cold openings this season with a swipe at WikiLeaks
Julian Assange says that "capable, generous men do not create victims, they nurture victims." His words ring true, but he himself has little control over which victims he nurtures, and which he creates.
Against this background, the WikiLeaks story, which broke the day after the boxun leak, took on a special significance. In