In her "mobile extension" of the OWS Protests, Occupy Wall Street's Janet Wilson is proving that authorities might evict Occupy from streets and parks, but cannot keep it off the road.
While the leaked cables may have precipitated setbacks for the United States, ultimately it could be the frenzy of false claims about the U.S. government and its response that most impedes the US abroad.
The WikiLeaks cables provide yet another opportunity to turn the spotlight on the war in Afghanistan, which, despite the fact that it's costing us $2.8 billion a week keeps getting pushed into the shadow
The latest leak of some 250,000 documents by WikiLeaks does not appear to constitute a national security crisis, although it will cause more than a little near-term awkwardness for the United States and its partners.
Like the proverbial Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, U.S. government agencies who rely on security of classified information have a problem of epic proportions, which will not be solved with a 1970's approach to security.