wild turkey

He was born in 1927 on this day. Calvin Coolidge was president. Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris the day before. Wonder
In celebration of #BourbonRebirth, I'm ranking the most-influential bourbon brands since 1980, when bourbon mattered little on the national scene.
As September approaches, it's time to prepare for the most-important month--Bourbon Heritage Month.
This parody will be tough to swallow for Matthew McConaughey.
Turkey time!! People have their favorite ways of thawing their turkey, preparing their turkey, eating leftover turkey. But do you have a favorite way of avoiding an aggressive urban turkey attack?
If you're a fan of the classic comedy stylings of Benny Hill or simply appreciate surreal moments playing out in real life
As we give thanks this season, I think it appropriate we better appreciate the meal on our plate as a remarkable species of often striking appearance in the wild.
Big birds don't always mean better birds. We've super-sized our domesticated turkeys, giving them health problems along with
The greatest singer of the 20th century deserves a great whiskey.
Most of us only know for sure that waiting on security lines at airports is going to be even more unbearable than usual, and that alone is enough to drive one to drink.
Thanksgiving may be a day for reflecting on all that we are thankful for, but it's also a day for self-indulgence. It's a
Thanksgiving is upon us, which makes many people think about three things only: Turkey, turkey and more turkey. Want more
Contrary to the popular myths, the wild turkey can fly. As the recent election has proven, so can we, if, like that original American bird, we keep close to the ground.
Take advantage of what's sure to be a beautiful long weekend (fingers crossed) by firing up the grill and fixing one of these tasty and refreshing cocktails.
But right after she approached a turkey in the neighborhood, the turkey began chasing her. And it just wouldn't let up. YouTube