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A new global analysis finds nearly half of threatened mammals are at risk, up from just 7 percent.
"We need to come back to the potential of cheetahs to coexist with people."
And unless our conservation strategy changes, it will likely only get worse.
“Jenny and Dexter are now on duty, and they will find you.”
There's a tiny glimmer of hope in a world of bad news.
On a personal note meeting our Congressional champions has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. One of
Microbeads are so small, often measuring at a millimeter or smaller, that many wastewater treatment plants are not able to filter them out. Thus, microbeads make it through the treatment plants and into our waterways.
The exhibit houses eight orangutans of assorted sizes, ages and temperaments who scamper up, down and around an environment
I'd arrived here by a boat driven by a large, grim, taciturn man who spoke no English. I'd met Boatman five hours earlier
Moving among wildlife and experiencing the outdoors are favorite vacation motivators for me, and knowing this adventure would be special, I invited my 12-year old granddaughter to accompany me to make for a cross-generational experience.
What is it about bison that could have a dozen different people from wildly different backgrounds grinning like Cheshire cats? And why do we have an obligation to protect them?
Poachers and unscrupulous marketers and buyers of ivory apparently have not been thwarted by the destruction of ivory, as evidenced by the continuing robust market for ivory after the massive crushes.