wildlife refuges

These riders, which are substantive policy provisions intended to "ride" along with larger pieces of must-pass legislation
It's a shame to see how loudly the calls for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline are when the preservation of our remaining Megafauna -- a resource unlikely to be technologically obviated, like oil, any time soon -- remains a backwater in the national discourse.
"You took a picture of someone who was innovative and, rather than leaving the fluid to drip on the ground, repaired it with
Fish and Wildlife hasn't actually proposed any new regulations, but it accepted public comments earlier this year on how
That pact between the American people and their government will be broken unless we see some much-needed leadership from Congress in defense of our outdoor economy and our natural heritage.
"That is significant," Williams said. "That's not fat, that's right to the bone." According to Williams, federal and state
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reportedly plans to step down from his cabinet position in the Obama administration. According
It's Halloween and Congress is eyeing some downright scary cuts to vital wildlife conservation programs as part of its budget cutting frenzy. But while these programs may seem like easy targets for cuts, there is a lot more to the story.
On the six month anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, let's honor the region by committing ourselves to action. The Gulf, one of America's true natural treasures, is worth it.
Thirty-two national wildlife refuges are at risk because of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They span five states
I've come to one conclusion on the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon ore oil rig: we may be looking at the destruction of some of our most iconic and important coastal wildlife refuges.
In its ongoing efforts to open up every possible space in America to gun toting, the NRA succeeded in attaching to the credit card bill legislation allowing loaded guns in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.