wildlife rehabilitation

Carlo the coyote pup is now in the care of a wildlife rehabilitator.
Orphaned raccoons. Battered owls. Confused boobies. Roughly 350 animals are being treated at the South Florida Wildlife Center.
We wish this handsome fellow the best of luck in the wild! Melanie examined the cat, commenting on the beautiful condition
The Wild Bird Fund rehabilitates thousands of sick, injured or orphaned birds and releases them back to the wild.
Several weeks back I wrote about the three baby Screech Owls my wife and I raised and released in our yard, "overflow" from
A great deal of that hands-on rehab is performed by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, my wife Carolyn among them. With the urging then of my very special volunteer and following plans provided by our professional wildlife staff, we've constructed a spacious enclosure in our backyard.
Many of us grew up being told raccoons definitely have rabies when they are seen during the day. However, a raccoon that's active during the day is not necessarily sick or dangerous.
In our care, of course, staff and volunteers replace those parents. The surrogate moms are tuned into kitchen timers which
Last week, officials at the Laos border stopped a suspicious man who was trying to cross into Thailand with dozens of red
Finding a way to share the natural world with the world's most probing, curious animals — human beings — is complicated. But