wildlife rescue

When you find what you perceive to be wildlife in distress, first it is important to determine if it indeed needs help before you do anything. If they do need your help, food is never the first priority.
H/T Viral Nova After the cub is finally free, the man gives it a quick massage to ease any numbness in its limbs. The cub
The first things to look for if you think a wild animal of any age needs rescue are the Five C's. If an animal demonstrates any of these five symptoms, it is an emergency and he needs immediate help.
As with all birds, turning off lights, closing blinds and making the room as dark as possible to contrast with the open door will encourage the bird to fly out. Even better than potted flowers, if you have a hummingbird feeder, hanging it just outside the door will draw the bird out even faster.
A bad case of ear mites, truly the worst WildCare Medical Staff had ever seen, had caused the cat to deform her own ears with scratching. She had also scratched the cornea of her eye. But this cat is a survivor.
Australian divers plunged into action last week after spotting a grey nurse shark in serious need of some human help. The
Are people born with an animal-loving gene? Paul Hahn, co-founder of the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar with his partner, David Rihern, thinks we are!
For the past 20 years, the couple has worked to care for and rescue foxes, red-tailed hawks, bats, possums, and other wild
Story continues below. The Center also utilizes community events, environmental fairs and festivals year-round to inform