wildlife trafficking

Tragically, not all of the endangered tortoises survived the transport. A police officer has been arrested in the alleged smuggling case, authorities said.
Ivory may finally become a relic of a painful and destructive age of commodifying wildlife, and elephants may be spared widespread regional extinction if China can implement its 2017 ban on ivory within the year, as planned.
Born Free USA will do all we can to persuade Parties to take a precautionary approach and save lions while there is still
At the recently concluded 17th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Conference of the Parties (CoP17) - the largest meeting of its kind ever held - IUCN helped inform a number of landmark decisions on regulating sustainable and legal trade.
Obscure, reclusive pangolins are disappearing from the planet.
Consumers around the globe are helping fuel a booming illegal wildlife trade that's estimated to be valued at as much as
The demand for illegal fish bladders is driving the vaquita's demise.
Financial markets love predictability and hate mixed messages. When messaging is ambiguous, it can send the markets into a tailspin. The same can be said for conservation. To address the threat of the illegal wildlife trade, the message we send must be direct and unwavering.
The Kenyan Wildlife Service has decided to add to this impressive line up of tusk heavy pyres, the inventory of 1.35 tons
This study also showed that Singapore imported CITES-listed birds from 35 countries and exported to 37 during the study period