william barber

Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church was largely destroyed in 1921 after a white mob burned, killed, looted and leveleld a 35-square-block area.
“When I hear Hillary’s voice and her positions, I hear and I know that she is working to embrace our deepest moral values ― and we should embrace her."
"We believe we go into this year with a lot of momentum," Barber said. "Sure, [conservative legislators] are extremists and
The Rev. William J. Barber II and his Moral Mondays team are making final preparations for the kickoff event, dubbed the
The "Raging Grannies," who were a regular sight over the summer protests, were out again in their floral hats. They knew
Who are the young radicals and reformers among us now whose names may not be well-known to the general public, but whose activism is leading the country in a more progressive direction?
"A majority does not give you the authority to violate the Constitution," Barber said. For the full segment from Tuesday's
I'm still hungry for the community faith can provide when its not busy judging others. I want to share that good news. And Wild Goose Festival is the place I've discovered that shares that vision.