William Barber II

Low-income voters helped deliver Joe Biden victories, especially in battleground states, concludes a study by the Poor People's Campaign.
Rev. William Barber II's Poor People’s Campaign is trying to organize low-income voters to make sure their concerns are heard during the 2020 election.
Following in Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps, two pastors are building a movement that highlights the plight and power of poor Americans.
Progressive Christians across the country are asking Congress to shed the "light of truth" on Trump.
The progressive pastor was arrested in Chicago while demonstrating with workers demanding union rights.
Fifty years after his original vision, Dr. King would be appalled.
“The time is now — more than ever — for us to have a Poor People's Campaign.”
"It is time to stop cloaking your greed in religious language."
“When our democracy is sick, we must be the healers,”
While some claim that Dylann Roof is mentally ill, the truly frightening possibility is that he is sane and sober -- that he was raised under a white supremacist culture and is acting out his racism in the most violent of ways.
“Barber’s mode of operation is inclined toward the dramatic gesture,” said Ferrell Guillory, a professor who studies Southern