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The premiere party at the Jane Hotel with its posh yet old school feel came just as the cold snap of the holidays hit. Jarmusch
"Poets who will not study music are defective," claims Ezra Pound. Can we say that musicians who do not study poetry are
Jarmusch still had judgements, he admitted. His film is a celebration of poetic harmony, the synchronicity of every day. It
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Blackwood joins in here with the rich history of landscape painting. Landscape is not an easy genre: nature is unruly, and does not wish to order itself into compositions pleasing to our sense of proportion. It is thematically difficult as well. Why do we look at landscapes? Because they are beautiful?
It is impossible to conceive of post-modern poetry without Robert Creeley. And poetry -- in whatever iteration it is in right now -- has not been the same since Creeley died in 2005.
Poetry can keep our spirits resilient and able to sustain us -- literally, for a happy life -- even to live at all.
What's in a word is more than just language -- there's assignment of culpability, patient personhood, a world of feeling that is often, and for critical reason, removed from the linguistics of medical speak.
So by being the most competitive, successful team that abides to free market principles and possesses the most glorious past