William Cohen

"They’re trying to perform a frontal lobotomy on the American people," warned William Cohen, the Republican former senator for Maine.
William Cohen, who worked as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton, described fellow Republicans eager to please Trump as "diabolical."
William Cohen warned that "we’re witnessing the decimation" of democratic institutions as the president refuses to accept defeat.
Trump “has no understanding of what the rule of law really means in this country,” argued William Cohen.
It's the longest such stretch in Pentagon history.
William Cohen also predicted the party in Washington D.C. would become an annual event under Trump.
There are striking parallels between Watergate and Russia’s intrusion in our election. In 1972, President Nixon’s reelection
Disappointed by the unambiguous rejection of his company's charges of EPA misconduct, Pebble's CEO Tom Collier immediately condemned the investigation he'd requested as "an embarrassing failure" and a "whitewash".
Based on a brief, undefined investigation, Secretary Cohen concluded to no one's surprise that his client has been unfairly treated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in its federal Clean Water Act review of the mining project -- just as his client has argued for years.
In this time of global environmental crisis, it is dismaying to see a former Cabinet official of William Cohen's stature trade on his reputation to validate a review that reads like a press release of the company that hired him -- a company whose reckless mining project poses risks that are, according to EPA, potentially "catastrophic."
We need vital institutions in this country that have no political agenda and no partisan bias. USIP convenes the left and the right, the civilian and the military, the national and the international players.
It's a new year so it's time for a new book on private military contractors. Out later this month is Outsourcing War and
WHETHER at a fund-raising dinner for wealthy supporters in Beverly Hills, or at an Air Force base in Nevada, or at Charlie
Last week, the United Nations Security Council traveled to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo and Liberia to discuss Africa's hotspots
Sudan's president has given the world loud and clear warning signs of his intent to commit more mass atrocities. This situation calls out for stepped up diplomacy and multilateral cooperation.
I sent this following letter to Sean Hannity recently in response to his misrepresentation of what I said on his show regarding the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Now I'm making it public.
Be thankful for radio silence I guess when other candidates for VP like Daschle and Bayh are getting phone calls saying, "Sorry....but we look forward to working with you in many other ways in the coming years."
I don't believe that bipartisanship solves the challenges ahead. What is needed now are rebels.
In their repeated attempts to block the reaffirmation of the Armenian Genocide resolution, they have undermined their own credibility and lost the moral standing.