William Daley

"Never any -- any -- consideration of VP/HRC switch. Not even entertained by the only person who mattered," Plouffe tweeted
Joe Biden was almost replaced as President Obama's 2012 VP candidate, a new book claims.
The idea of getting rid of Biden was floated around many times during the campaign. As early as 2012, columnists like Sally
After spending most of his 59 years behind bars for a crime he almost certainly did not commit, Stanley Wrice could finally taste freedom. Everything was going his way -- or so it seemed.
There is an upcoming test case which that help to determine whether nepotism is actually dying in Illinois, or if it is poised to come roaring back. This pass/fail test is for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
And so it goes, the revolving door between government service and big money in the private sector spinning so fast it becomes an irresistible force hurling politics and high finance together so completely it's impossible to tell one from the other.
Daley also has longstanding ties to the pharmaceutical industry, serving as a director of Abbott Laboratories for several
Ask a congressional Democrat about the job Bill Daley is doing as President Barack Obama's chief of staff, and chances are
Newer medications are more effective and come with fewer side effects, making them far preferable to older generic drugs
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