William H. Macy

Sophia Macy is moving on after her mother served 11 days in prison for the SAT payoff.
The "Desperate Housewives" star, aka inmate No. 77806-112, is doing her time for the college admissions scandal.
Meghan McCain said Huffman and husband Willam H. Macy were “the poster children for everything people hate about white privilege."
“If I can give them a leg up, I absolutely would," he said of helping his daughters get into acting.
On the show, Lynette Scavo paid $15,000 to get her sons into a private school. Huffman allegedly paid the same amount for her daughter to have better SAT scores.
Her "zeal for her children's future" is a "universal phenomenon," the playwright and screenwriter wrote.
The "Desperate Housewives" actress is accused of participating in a massive bribery scheme to get her daughter into a top college.
“It’s about f***ing time” women are treated equally, the actor said.