William Hurt

"It is exactly the same argument," says Barney Frank. "There have been zero negative consequences."
So it's heartening that Epix's new comic drama Graves seems to have found an unexplored path in this treacherous jungle. Nick
We soon figure out that the man now running things, Donald Cooperman (Hurt) (above), had a personal falling-out with McBride
Stephan James portrays Owens during the Nazi-impacted 1936 games.
Detective Inspector Karen Voss is a synth. Leo is a hybrid (that is part human). Synths Anita, Leo, Max, Niska and Fred all get help from human allies. If you haven't watched Humans with now two episodes left of season one, it's okay to dive in. Grand happenings abound.
AMC's newest show titled Humans is now halfway into the first season. With four episodes left of the sci-fi drama until August 16th, things are beginning to coalesce. So make no mistake, war is coming.
Do we really need another sci-fi TV show about humanoid beings you may fairly ask? For doesn't it seem like yesterday when Edward James Olmos acted in Battlestar Galactica before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Initially I was skeptical about Humans. Now I'm not.
The show, which premieres June 28th, takes place in a parallel present where the newest must-have gadget is an artificially intelligent servant, known as a "Synth."
My cinematic crème de la crème takes many forms. It may be one line of dialogue all on its own, or an entire scene's worth. It might be a look or a gesture from one character to another, or to no one in particular. It might be as simple as the quality of light the director captured at a window in early morning.
Though he was originally excited about the project, the train crash tragedy caused Allman to reconsider the moral implications
"Midnight Rider" had been set to resume production in June in Los Angeles. For more, head to Deadline.com. This group is
As of now, "Midnight Rider" will resume production in June, according to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
Following the death of a camera assistant in February, Unclaimed Freight Productions has announced that director Randall
I'd gotten a job in finance in my early 20s, and the next thing I knew, I was 36 years old and on a career trajectory not of my choosing. Yes, I was succeeding, but at what cost?
Meanwhile, a Facebook page called Slates for Sarah has inspired a torrent of tributes to the late cinematographer, whose
The Oscar-winning screenwriter (A Beautiful Mind) has added another element that transforms his feature directorial debut into a story for the ages: A steadfast belief in true love.
Helprin's book is a tad precious, but Goldsman has no trouble shmaltzing it up in a way that undercuts the magic, while calling attention to the massive effort he needs to create the kind of wizardry that Helprin can do with a sentence or two.
What time is it? Wedding time! That's right, starting in May, picking up steam in June, and going full force through the