William Pryor

Trump’s top contenders for Supreme Court nominee.
President Donald Trump has announced when he will reveal his nomination for Supreme Court justice
Transgender Americans are protected against discrimination in employment in all 50 states under federal law. There, I said it. Our gay and trans organizations have been, at best, burying the lede, and at worst, remaining silent and even misrepresenting the current legal state of affairs.
We know, based on definitive evidence, precisely how certain Bush appointees lied and colluded in order to subvert due process in the Siegelman trial.
McCain's talk of "two parent families" and "family values" completely and inartfully avoided Stephanapoulos's question about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt.
If Mr. Rove had no involvement, as he claims, in the political prosecution of Don Siegelman, then why does he not appear before Congress and testify under oath?