William Ruto

With passionate support beyond his ethnic base, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has the strength to truly reform Kenya.
One would be hard-pressed to argue that women took "their rightful place" in developing Kenya given Gov. Kidero's assault
However, and as succinctly stated by Mr. Gaitho, "nobody had the right to try, sentence, and execute him (Jacob Juma) outside
Days after a six-story apartment building collapsed in Huruma -- killing scores, injuring hundreds and causing millions in damages -- President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the arrest of one Samuel Kamau, the (building's) owner.
The harsh and inescapable truth regarding Kenya's post-election violence of 2007/2008 that only the twisted can quibble over is that approximately 1,300 innocent Kenyans lost their lives.
By repeatedly claiming that their opponents are "un-patriotic tools" of "foreigner masters," the Jubilee/GOP succeed/ed in casting their rivals not as people with differing policy positions, but as "un-Godly" and "other" entities voters should be very wary and leery of.
I have not agreed with Raila Odinga on all his policy positions: I did not agree with his support for Operation Linda Nchi, which in retrospect has proven to be the epitome of a phantasm of Kenyan power play in East Africa.
The country's supreme court is at the epicenter of the latest incident of corruption at the highest level of yet another branch of the Kenyan government.
The reality is that all the lofty predictions of a "Kenya undergoing transformation" may be for naught. As vividly illustrated
The KCB CEO went on to claim that corruption in Kenya is "driven by secrecy in organizational operations" -- an assessment