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The "Book of Mormon" star is a Renaissance fair resident bard in Lifetime's new comedy, which he sees as a boost for LGBTQ representation on TV.
The "Late Night" host is not optimistic that things will get better for the environment.
When an audience member fell ill, Hanks kept in character to keep the rest of the audience enthralled.
These names were only given to 10 newborns last year.
In the early aughts (2000s), some researchers confidently asserted that clear evidence linked ‘violent’ video games (an emotional
They say nothing truly prepares you for motherhood—not the hundreds of hours you clocked babysitting or the stacks of parenting
Over in New York’s Central Park, just a short distance from our offices, the curtain came down last week on The Public Theater’s
Public Theater director's wife, as well as other Shakespeare companies around the country, have been targeted.
The play came to a temporary stop as security removed the two demonstrators.
Portraying Caesar as Trump is probably well within contemporary performance practice, but maybe a little cheap and obvious.
The controversy over Trumped-up Shakespeare in the Park continues to be a bloody mess.