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I read several Facebook posts from CEOs and C-Level executives making fun of other CEOs whose appearance didn't seem to fit the norm. The shallowness of the comments was absolutely stunning.
He's going to talk about faith and family.
But Jindal's campaign denies that they've lost their most high-profile endorsement.
Willie Robertson previously came to his father's defense during an appearance on CNN. To watch the full interview with Willie
McAllister was very close with the Robertson family, even inviting Willie Robertson to be his guest at the State of the Union
Although Jessica Robertson's collection has yet to be confirmed, we wonder if the clothing would be inspired by the show
The Christian Crusade has hit the multiplex in force this Spring. No sooner did Darren Aronofsky's brooding, complex, environmental cautionary Noah see dry land, than three new, more conventional religion based movies stormed the box offices: God Is Not Dead, Son of God, and Heaven is Real.
"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments drew the ire of many recently, but Willie Robertson readily defends
Turns out "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson would really like to go duck hunting with President Obama. Listen to the whole