Willis Tower

Low interest rates were supposed to be a short-term crutch, but have instead become the staple of a years-long feast for the 1 percent. It's time for the Fed to end the festivities, remove the crutch and let the partiers take their losses so we can move forward as a nation, all 100 percent of us.
You see us wearing ankle-length puffy coats well into March. That's not because we're ambassadors for North Face. The winter of 2013-14 was, literally, one of the worst in Chicago's history. But that's not all.
Chicagoans were none too thrilled with the Tuesday ruling that effectively bumped The Sears Willis Tower out of the top spot
At stake was more than just bragging rights in two cities that feast on superlatives and the tourist dollars that might follow
Just as the city announced its positive tourism news, one of the city's most popular attractions announced some staggering
One of the best sights from 1,353 feet in the air is watching the sunset and the lights slowly start to glow throughout the city.
Prepare to re-imagine and get your mind blown in the process. The 2.7 million-square foot Empire State Building -- brawny, angular icon of early-twentieth century grit and ambition (and still New York City's second-tallest building) -- is green.
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is apparently the official, international referee in such a pickle. A representative
The needle will, indeed, function as a broadcast antenna. It is described on the Port Authority's website as an antenna. On
Will they be forever immortalized like The Dark Knight, or will they be instantly forgotten like the epic tale of an infant versus kidnappers in 1994's Baby's Day Out? Only time will tell.
About 2,500 people are set to race up 103 flights to the building's Skydeck on Sunday to benefit the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It's one of the premier rehab facilities in the world, but more important to Pacholski, it's the place that's helped her get her life back.
A 19-year-old Lemont woman was charged Thursday with a felony count of making a false bomb threat at the Willis Tower, Chicago
Splash Down in a Water Park: For something cheap and close by, head to Cermak Family Aquatic Center. Admission is just $3
Clearly anticipating a skeptical response, Davies defended his proposal in a statement: The project's first phase would include
The good news? Tickets to the show are free. Bad news? Getting them is akin to getting an audience with Kate Middleton.
Chicago is facing another Second City moment: It soon will not be able to boast about having the tallest building in America
The filming of "Transformers 3" may transform the way you get around the downtown area this weekend. The second sequel in
Hundreds of laid-off workers, union members and small business owners rallied in downtown Chicago today to call for financial