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The former child actress was immortalized in the 1971 film as the girl Violet, who turned into a blueberry.
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The police in Massachusetts called their investigation "Operation Golden Ticket."
They should each provide you with something unique.
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Here's to a man who lived with pure imagination, rest in peace Gene Wilder.
The real-life golden ticket winners.
It was not a major hit as a film, but it did, in fact, launch a popular candy company. Quaker Oats used the Willy Wonka Candy Company name for their new line of candy products (with Breaker Confections eventually becoming officially known as Willy Wonky Candy Company).
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The unidentified rider successfully drowns out the preacher with an impressive rendition of “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket" from
Instead of golden tickets, fans will be given the chance to find golden vinyl records mixed in with the "Primus and the Chocolate
Though he appreciates his association with the film now, Ostrum wasn't so quick to discuss his big movie role as he grew
Bill ... thoughts? The only question is how much time will we waste - and how much suffering we will condone - before we
Mr. Willy Wonka was first known as Mr. Ritchie.
The completeness, the cycles, the depth, the richness, the process, the continuity and the treasure of the moment that is gone the second you are aware of it. We cannot capture these -- it is impossible, as hard as we all try.
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Well, one Japanese game show has finally come up with a solution to let you eat all the delicious calendars you want. The
Think of this as your very own Valentine's Day bucket list of 14 candy kingdoms -- places where you can shop for sugar (and sweet treats) around the world.
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Over the course of Walt’s evolution from timid high school chemistry teacher to drug kingpin, he not only becomes more possessive