A portable toilet in Albuquerque fell victim to another kind of whiff after strong winds gave it a trip along the Mother Road.
Strong winds have stoked unprecedented numbers of fires that have forced rescues and evacuations.
The video of her skillful maneuver at Bristol Airport in England went viral.
Graz is a town, some say city (depending on your definition) you might not expect to exist in the German-speaking world. It may have something to do with the fact, that you have never heard of a city called Graz to exist.
When it comes to issues the American people agree on, few have as much support as solar and wind power. Three of every four of us adults, when asked about "solving the nation's energy problems," prefer solar and wind energy over fossil fuels
For the second year in a row, fossil related emissions have not increased. This has never happened before with the global economy still growing.