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A new offshore wind farm could bring jobs to New England’s struggling fishermen.
There are suspensions of reality in those promises. Drilling for more oil and gas is hardly revolutionary. It is what we've
1. Wind power supports 88,000 well-paying American jobs in across all 50 states. And this number is growing quickly--wind
At the moment, COP22 is in full swing in Marrakech, Morocco and diplomats from all nations are gathered to discuss these
The Republican nominee has a personal beef with the wind industry, which hit a major milestone last week.
"This is our financial future," said Mike Nolte, an Iowa farmer. "It's helping us survive and maintain services, whereas
It's not easy to run a school district in the rural parts of America. Small populations and low tax bases mean resources can be scarce. Our children's education is one place we never want to skimp, so that presents a challenge. During the recession years, these pressures were only intensified.
Today, states are at the epicenter of America's renewable energy revolution. And, because we have 50 state energy markets, big positive advances in state policy can accelerate the pace of this historic shift.
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Americans want to see more progress like this. Ninety-one percent of likely voters want to continue expanding wind energy
Off-shore wind energy has long been considered an important option for renewable power especially given the focus on finding
Sustainability is the next chapter in human progress, and the key is economic renewable energy technology. The paradigm shift towards sustainability is moving the energy industry from resource-constrained to technology-enabled, from destructive to creative.
It is a safe bet that the drama of the 2016 presidential election will become even more intense between now and November. As a result, other important elections may get less attention than they deserve.
Since its 2009 delisting, the nation's bald eagle population has steadily increased, and now numbers more than 143,000 individuals. At the same time, data suggest golden eagle populations are stable but may gradually decline, heightening the importance of managing that species more protectively.