Answer by Trausti Thor Johannsson, Developer and tech nerd, on Quora: For me, the whole introduction was all about creativity
Why you should upgrade It is always a good idea to be using the latest version of any software or operating system, and the
Cristina Iglesias has been diving in sundry seas, notably the Gulf of California, for coming on four decades, and it's there in the water that she says that she has discovered much of the essential architecture of her work.
Here's what PC users need to know.
Dartmouth College alumnus, Lancel Joseph '13 and I interviewed VG about his latest book, The Three Box Solution: A Strategy
It's not broken. It's just sometimes locked. And the key to unlocking Life is about you and me co-creating our human Being through choosing consciousness and love. You just have to find the right button and give it a push. It's the same for your heart. It's not broken, it's just locked. Perhaps it's time to open it up to new ways of loving. What do you say?
From a creative perspective, PowerPoint has some serious drawbacks as a brand and design tool. Even if you use a fresh typeface
For Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves, windows are the eyes of the world-- they represent a country's architecture and style, as well as identify different historical periods.
Our homes and our offices are getting smarter by the day as the Internet of Things -- the internet of everything -- becomes increasingly ubiquitous. Soon we'll be able to control even the heat and light that streams through our windows with just the push of a button.