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Chart 1: Operating System Share of US Activations Q4-2014 CIRP bases its findings on a survey of 500 US subjects, from January
Good marketers know that when a company "badmouths" a competitor, it is (more often than not) a big mistake -- especially when the company being disparaged has Apple's track record of success.
Truly, the talk of threats to competition in the mobile device market could not be more wrong.
The blog post notes that iOS and Windows Phone users currently don’t have anything to worry about from the security vulnerability
In the crowded smartphone market, a rich app ecosystem is a minimum requirement for manufacturers.
Most famous for her work as Cortana, a role she's held for over a decade, Jen Taylor has lent her voice to the roles of Zoey
At four and a half inches with Gorilla Glass 3, its screen is larger than the iPhone 5S and has ClearBlack plus AMOLED technology. During use in bright sunlight and in completely dark rooms, the Lumia's screen had no problem performing well enough in both situations.
Chromecast is another step towards breaking the iron grip current providers, like cable, have on content distribution and the living room.
The conversation pokes fun at Apple's rumored iWatch, colors of the new iPhones and lack of innovation. One titled “A fly
It wasn't all that long ago when owning a Nokia cell phone carried with it a certain cache of being forward thinking, stylish and "cool."