Edie changed this country with her love story.
Hillary Clinton also offered her condolences on Windsor's passing.
I grew up thinking Billy Graham was a hero. My family was Baptist; my dad, a Baptist preacher. I was an adult before I realized Graham wasn't exclusively Baptist though by then he might as well have been because conservative Christians seemed, largely, to have let go of doctrinal differences in favor of ideological absolutes.
I had a fantastic meal highlighted by one of my favorite foods in Canada, poutine, which may once have been fast food, but has been served in very upscale forms for a long time now. Mine was made with shredded prime rib, and I savored it with a Pillitteri Riesling that reminded me of a terrific wine tour I did of the Niagara region years ago.
Greg Bourke and Michael DeLeon sat down with The Huffington Post to explain why they're fighting for the right to be recognized as married in the state of Kentucky. They're taking their fight to the Supreme Court in April 2015.
Randy Johnson and Paul Campion sit down with the Huffington Post to discuss why they're plaintiffs in the case, Bourke v. Beshear, which is heading to the Supreme Court. The case will determine whether or not they will be recognized as a married couple in the state of Kentucky.
First, of course, there's the beauty and quiet. For brief stretches, all seems sinless, albeit with intimations of a monochromatic death. Of course, you might also hear cursing as people fight over a parking lot's sole remaining space amidst six-foot-high piles of dirty snow.
This house is one of the cutest, quaintest attractions in England, and it has a fun little backstory to go with it. Constructed
Yesterday's decision was just the latest in a heady string of wins for the marriage equality movement. But the court's decision is worth pausing to note for a few reasons