The 12-time Nathan's Hot Dog champ consumed the Hooters wings like cluckwork.
Chickens just can't catch a break. On July 29, we celebrated National Chicken Wing Day--an undisguised warm-up for fall tailgating season. We Americans do love our chicken wings. The National Chicken Council predicts we'll eat 28 billion of them before year's end.
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Each one of these takes on traditional game-day snack food is a little different, but they're all addictively good (you may even want to make a double batch).
Americans eat wings on Super Bowl Sunday more than any other day. What are you waiting for?
Credit: Alex Lau Credit: Peden + Munk 24 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook The Most Popular Recipes from 2015 12 Clever
On the box, Trump looks like he is having a good time ranting and raving. Talking about The Deal.
While you can always go for a beer, like a light macro lager or a crisp pilsner, sometimes you want wine with your wings. Thankfully for you, we put together this handy pairing guide for wine and ten popular wing sauces, from 'nuclear' to garlic parm!
All of our Wing-Wonderland dreams came true at last week's New York Best Wings Festival as the land's best wing joints and wing lovers alike descended on Westbury, NY for an amazewing day of deliciousness.
According to Rachael Sage, "I don't do many cover songs--because I've been writing my own compositions since I was a little kid, it's just not really my thing generally, and I can count the ones I've recorded on less than one hand."