wings of rescue

Wings of Rescue Kriser's is also very much a socially responsible pet industry company. What really caught my attention was
Natural food selection is now a lifestyle choice for the populous, as well as their companion animals. Hence, it is no surprise that Kriser's Natural Pet store chain has grown fast and captured the attention of pet owners in four states across the nation.
Wings of Rescue has relocated more than 16,500 pets in five years.
My heart aches every time I see an abused or abandoned dog in an ASPCA television spot. Yehuda Netanel, an Israeli born architect, land developer, and private pilot in Los Angeles has the same reaction. So in 2009, at 59, he started Wings Of Rescue.
"It's just been a real success. As fast as they come in, they are adopted," she said. "They've been a real good match for