Winnie Mandela

Below are some highlights of these two amazing trips. I highly recommend both travel options as you don't want to miss seeing
Through the struggle it’s safe to say that Jackie’s most important teammate was his wife Rachel. She not only helped him
Chadwick brilliantly paints the struggle for freedom by black South Africans against the backdrop of the sweeping mountainous and beach terrains of South Africa while managing to stay away from hero worship in the film.
Today, there is something pleasingly 'normal' about Winnie Mandela. Smiling, bespectacled, still beautiful, and surrounded by family. I look at her grandson, Zwonda, and ponder the alternative.
Apartheid was war. The casualty of all war is innocent life. The legacy of that war is trauma, which, for so many South Africans still remains untreated. South Africa's landscape and soil is grave to children's bones and bravery.
All of his work was banned and the very mention of his name was forbidden.
Maya Angelou, who first met Nelson Mandela in the early 1960s, praised him as a great man worthy of comparison to another icon she knew — the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
There will be so much written about Nelson Mandela in the wake of his passing -- about his personal history, the struggle for equality in South Africa, his political contributions -- but, I fear, there will be little discussion about his impact on the arts of South Africa, and the world.
As news reports have confirmed, the great South African leader Nelson Mandela has died. Tonight on PBS, I reflect on the
Death is not the final victory. Nothing can silence the voice of Nelson Mandela - not Robben Island, not death. His words are eternal. His voice will echo throughout time.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities and led his continent into a new era, has died at age 95.
In 1964, alongside eight members of the ANC and its armed wing, Mandela stood trial for plotting to overthrow the government
There is so much more to Mandela's life story, and this revealing bio-film fleshes out those details while definitively establishing the psyche of a man who is best described as an earthly saint.
Given how much history this film has to cover, it tends to jump around. But Idris Elba is its anchor, physically and emotionally, just as Mandela himself held the movement that was the African National Congress together, even as he moldered in a jail cell on Robben Island.
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I never thought I could feel so empowered and inspired on a 16-hour flight to the United States. From the time I entered the car on my way to O.R. Tambo International Airport, I began typing my thoughts and ideas about social change on my iPhone while taking occasional breaks to look up at the beautiful South African sunset.
Finally opening in theaters after premiering at Toronto Film Festival back in 2011 is the long awaited film ‘Winnie Mandela
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Audiences will have the chance to see not one, but two biopics about the Mandelas this fall. Read more on The Grio
Swati Dlamini & Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, granddaughters of former South African president Nelson Mandela, join Marc to discuss some of their family disputes.