Polls are showing that President Donald Trump is losing to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. But can we rely on the accuracy of surveys leading up to the election?
I am going to lose in sales more than I ever did in my collegiate career, and that is a fact I need to accept. Finding that
If you are new to tapping, it will be beneficial to also watch the first episode in the "Tap Out Your Fears" series -- which
Acknowledging the dualism between body and symbol in an awareness of death motivates us to live life to its fullest and to heal the world.
Whereas when you set up a system to develop local talent, at a much lower cost, once this is up and working it can provide
A "successful" divorce doesn't mean doing better than your spouse. It means minimizing your emotional scars and arriving at an outcome that puts you in a better situation than all possible alternatives, which in many cases is the most you can hope for.
Being persistent is not the same thing as not quitting. Persisting is getting up and trying again. To be successful, we need to know when to quit, especially if we've been doing something that is destined to fail.
After I graduated with a Master's degree from UCLA, the runway of life seemed wide, confusing and scary, yet my heart was
Whether you play professional golf, are an engineer, accountant, teacher, police officer, doctor, entrepreneur or whatever