Step 2. Write Down Ten Nice Things about Yourself ("I paid off all my credit cards" or "I learned how to cook a perfect roast
Talking to ourselves sounds foolish but it most certainly isn't. We all have conversations in our heads. We tell ourselves stories -- truth or lies -- and we believe them. How do we manage to overcome it so it doesn't suck us into the vortex of hopelessness?
Follow Huffington Post's board LOL onPinterest. How does that saying go, again? Beer before liquor, never been sicker, beer
Today's lesson: always be prepared. Via Daily Picks and Flicks
2013 was a huge year for LGBT equality and justice and we're proud of the Pride Agenda's role in helping to share a more equitable New York and United States.
Are you in the mood to be inspired today? Would you like to catch up on some of the very best wins and feel-good moments
This. Guy. Right. Here. The internet has given us many things, but a "win" when you think you're about to watch a "fail" is
Back in 2011, the original "People Are Awesome" video -- a compilation of people accomplishing incredible physical feats
Enough of the FAILS already, it's Christmas-time. Instead of laughing at the misfortune of others, let's take a few moments
We post a lot of FAILS on HuffPost Comedy, but every once in a while we find ourselves an epic WIN to share -- like this
Many of the media outlet's stores are closing since it filed for bankruptcy in February, and it's not too hard to see where
Now, a one sentence digression, I had already been playing guitar for over a year and, for me, the single most coveted inanimate